Friday, December 14, 2012

Assassins: A Real World Game That Uses NFC

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This project description was written by the whole team. “Assassins” is a live-action "killer" game. Players try to eliminate each other from the game using mock weapons in an effort to become the last surviving player. Currently, players must eliminate their target in person and report their success to a webpage online or to a game administrator in person; this reporting system is tedious and relies heavily on an honor system. In our solution, each player will be assigned a target when the game begins. The assassin (a player with a target) will need to eliminate the target inconspicuously. The target’s phone will report its location randomly throughout the day. If the target notices the assassin first, he will be able to bump phones with the assassin to create a “timeout” period where the assassin will not be able to eliminate the target. However, if the assassin successfully locates the target without getting noticed, he will be able to bump phones to eliminate the target. These scenarios will be dependent on an honor system of who is noticed first. Assassin When the game begins, the assassin (who is also a target, as everyone playing has an assigned assassin and an assigned target) receives a notification with the name of their target. At random intervals throughout the day, they receive updates on the location of their target. They also are notified of their target’s location whenever their target “kills” their own target. When they successfully “kill” their target using whatever rules have been agreed upon, they then bump phones with the target, and the app registers the kill. The assassin’s assigned killer is also notified of the assassin’s location, and the assassin is given a new target. Target The target will use the application if he notices the assassin before getting eliminated. He will bump phones with the assassin, while the app is open, and initiate the transfer. This will create a “timeout” period where the assassin cannot eliminate the target for a set amount of time. We plan to use the Android SDK to build the game and NFC technology to share data between users. Location services such as Google Maps will also be used to display targets and other information. Google Cloud Messaging might be used if we need push notifications from servers to users.

Medical Viewer for Emory

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This was my senior design project; we worked with emory to create a tablet app that lets doctors and nurses monitor patient data and annotate this data. It uses a variety of technologies and the goal is to make the application as easy to use while still showing all essential data.

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This project documentation/description was written by the whole team.

Monday, October 15, 2012

MRS: Mobile Response System

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This project description was written by the whole team.

Our project is designed to be a complete replacement for the current Student Response System provided by TurningPoint.  The turning point system requires students to purchase a $50 ‘clicker’ device or purchase a 3 month subscription to their mobile service (the semester is 3.5 months long), which is not optimum for students who are already being hit with tuition and fee increases virtually every semester.  Additionally, professors and TAs have complained about the software that comes with TurningPoint for managing sessions and collecting student responses; it has caused issues with some classes’ gradebooks in the past and has generally been very unreliable.    

The solution to this is a web-based, GTMob plugin that will make use of location services when available and alternate location-detection when not available that will allow students to effectively “bring their own device” as a personal response device.  We also plan to allow professors to upload a gradebook CSV file from Sakai, which will then be populated with the student’s PRS scores.  This file can then be downloaded from our tool on GTMob and reuploaded to Sakai, importing grades.   

Friday, May 4, 2012


A web and mobile application that provides a clean interface to Georgia Tech's course lookup system. It also combines information from three different webpages and displays them in one page. 

CourseBuzz first started out as an Android application that scrapes data from different pages in Oscar and displays it to the student in a clean interface. The source code has support to display notifications from a server using C2DM (deprecated). The website does the same thing but does not support notifications.

Heads up! The android app has been removed from Google Play due to issues with the scraper. You can visit CourseShark for the the seat watcher function. The website is still up and running and will work for Spring 2013.

There are a few limitations for this application. First, the user will not be able to register for a class or have the application register for that class as soon as an open spot is available. Second, schedules of classes of past semesters and future semesters will not be available. Storing schedules from the past is unnecessary because the user will only need alerts for that current registration period.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pad: a simple notepad

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Pad provides a new and simple way to jot down notes. There are no tabs, pages, ads, clutter, and etc. It's only one page that auto saves as you type.

Pad started off as a simple android application that lets you jot down your thoughts easily. Pad+ has widget support and a holo interface. Dropbox support will come soon.   

The website leverages HTML5 offline storage to store the notes. There are a few bugs with it so don't expect it to work completely!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Website for ECIC using Drupal

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A few years ago, I helped design a website for ECIC. We ended up deciding to use Drupal for ease of managing the website. This is going to be a short post because I dont remember too many details here but if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.