Friday, May 4, 2012


A web and mobile application that provides a clean interface to Georgia Tech's course lookup system. It also combines information from three different webpages and displays them in one page. 

CourseBuzz first started out as an Android application that scrapes data from different pages in Oscar and displays it to the student in a clean interface. The source code has support to display notifications from a server using C2DM (deprecated). The website does the same thing but does not support notifications.

Heads up! The android app has been removed from Google Play due to issues with the scraper. You can visit CourseShark for the the seat watcher function. The website is still up and running and will work for Spring 2013.

There are a few limitations for this application. First, the user will not be able to register for a class or have the application register for that class as soon as an open spot is available. Second, schedules of classes of past semesters and future semesters will not be available. Storing schedules from the past is unnecessary because the user will only need alerts for that current registration period.

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